Home of the Yeti ™

YetiYieuxWelcome to Yeti’s world! Yeti is a bi-color blue-point Ragdoll, a sweet, blue-eyed, fluffy white and gray cat that is similar to the Himalayan breed. She is very mellow and gentle most of the time, but she gets playful and adventurous when she feels like it. She shares a house with her criminal-genius frenemy Peekaboo and their pets, er, people, whom they apparently refer to as The Missus and The Mister, or sometimes, MamaCat and PapaCat (even though they’re people). No self-respecting cat thinks of its caretakers as its “owners” – a person can never truly own a cat!

Yeti champions old-fashioned values like patience, kindness, strength, loyalty, and takes a calm, nostalgic attitude toward life most of the time. She is pretty, witty, and wise.

This is her chronological scrapbook. This is her story. This is her world. And she has a lot to tell you.

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And so it begins.

To get to know Yeti, continue and read the Meow Blog.

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